Equipment building

We manufacture special components for equipment building and we have specific expertise in manufacturing walk-to-work systems. Additionally, our experience and expertise are useful in the field of repairs and modifications.

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Special components

To achieve the best solution, it is important to choose a partner who can think along during the process. Special components require specialists, and that is why this work aligns well with Abuco.

Thanks to our advanced welding machines with a high efficiency, we not only accelerate the welding process but also ensure consistent quality in all our products.

Walk-to-work systems

Abuco plays a proactive role in the energy transition and is a reliable partner in the manufacturing of walk-to-work systems. With our years of experience, we aim for sustainable solutions, building upon the changing demands of the industry.

Repairs and modifications

In addition to supplying special components, we offer expertise in repairs and modifications. Our services extend to various sectors, including machine factories, refineries and petrochemical companies. We take pride in using our mobile welding and milling machines, which allow us to offer flexibility and respond quickly to the customers’ needs.

Thanks to our craftsmanship and adherence to procedures, we ensure that we can guarantee high-quality results.



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Working at Abuco

Craftmanship assured

Work with steel, high-tech machines and innovative robots. Discover the possibilities of our craft in our workshop and on location.

Challenge yourself and grow into an Abuco craftsman or craftswoman.