About Abuco

We combine craftsmanship with innovation, experience with precision. Ensuring that we can constantly deliver guaranteed quality.

Craftmanship assured.

We provide expertise and experience in the field of engineering, manufacturing, maintenance and repair. In other words, designing, producing, maintaining and repairing materials of high strength steel, such as steel structures, trusses, lifting equipment and (crane) repairs.  

We can guarantee this through strict procedures and investing continuously in the right certifications. This is crucial because we serve customers worldwide in various industries. 

Our modernly equipped workshop is located in Middenmeer, Noord-Holland, with excellent road and water connections. In the coming years, we will continue to build strongly to become a sustainable factory where craftsmanship and autonomous production coexist.


The Abuco Team

Gijs Bakker


Ronald Lassche

Commercial Manager

Peter Steigstra

Operational Manager

Dennis Bloemberg


Richard Schouten

Project Manager

Jeroen van Assema

Project Manager

Jaap Lont

Project Manager

Tim Lassche

Project Manager

Jacco Molenaar

Work preparator

Niels de Vries

Work preparator

Lisanne Spaans

Office Assistant

Sandra Nipshagen


Working at Abuco

Craftmanship assured

Work with steel, high-tech machines and innovative robots. Discover the possibilities of our craft in our workshop and on location.

Challenge yourself and grow into an Abuco craftsman or craftswoman.