Renewal certificates NEN EN-1090 EXC 4 & VCA**

Renewal of NEN EN-1090 EXC 4 and VCA ** certifications
In May and June of 2020, Abuco was audited under the direction of Lloyd’s Register for the renewal of the certifications of NEN-EN 1090-2 EXC 4 and VCA **. Abuco is proud to announce that these certifications have been renewed again.

NEN-EN 1090-2 EXC 4 is the standard to which all construction parts with load-bearing properties, which are included in the main calculation as load-bearing, must comply with by mid-2014. These construction parts must be provided with a CE marking. Abuco has execution class 4, this is the highest achievable class.

The VCA ** relates to Abuco’s HSE management system (Safety, Health and Environment), for the benefit of our employees and the employees of subcontractors. This means, for example, that the tools and machines are approved and maintained, the employees have undergone VCA training, that there are sufficient company emergency response personnel present and that safety inspections are carried out regularly.